Government to review national youth policy

By Staff Reporter

Government is going to review the National Youth Policy based on a wide youth and stakeholder consultative process a senior government official has said.

Director of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Elias Murinda in a speech read on behalf of the ministry’s Permanent Secretary Thokozile Chitepo in Redcliff recently said youth involvement is critical in informing the review of the national youth blueprint.

“The Ministry is having a re-look at some of the youth development programmes with view to ensuring that they become more effective in empowering the youth to become valuable citizens to this country and globally. In this regard, the Ministry will also be reviewing the National Youth Policy to ensure that is consistent with these developments. The review will be based on wide youth and stakeholder consultative process. Youth involvement is critical in this respect,” Chitepo said.

The National Youth Policy Document of Zimbabwe is a document that is designed to provide a comprehensive and multi –sectoral framework for addressing youth issues that are currently considered not commensurate with achieving sustainable socio-economic development.

The current national youth policy was crafted in 2000 under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth Development, Gender and Employment Creation.

This policy was then adopted in 2004 but there still lacked a comprehensive and multi-sectoral approach to its implementation.

A major defective in the policy is that it lacked proper consultation and involvement of the young people in its formulation.

Government has said programming on youth development should focus on interventions that impact on the livelihoods of the younger generation.

“We are aware that in cases of violence, young people are often active participants as perpetrators, tools and/or victims. It is therefore imperative that we collectively come up with innovative initiatives to ensure their empowerment and inclusion in peace and nation building programmes,” the government official said before adding, “Youth empowerment helps young people to be resilient to social and economic shocks, and provides them with livelihood pathways.”

On National Youth Service training government said the programme is aimed at promoting peace-building, civic education, entrepreneurship skills and youth social responsibility.

“The National Youth Service embraces the mandate to develop youth into agents of peace and development in the country. Its thrust is to build the capacity of young people to be responsible citizens who, among other attributes, are peace builders,” she said.

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