Estranged Zhombe man assault former girlfriend for dumping him.

By Asher Manzini

An enraged Zhombe man has bashed his ex girlfriend for dumping him and failing to keep their marriage promises.

Evidence Dube (26) of village Makwenzi under Chief Malisa assaulted Thandilenkosi Moyo on 24 May 2018 for marrying someone else whilst they had made a pact to tie the knot together.

The State alleges that Dube attacked his ex-girlfriend Moyo at her homestead when news broke out that she had gotten married and this enraged him to the extent of beating her up.

Dube pleaded guilty to the offense attributing it to his anger when he learned that Moyo had married another man.

“I acted out of anger because we had agreed to get married but when l came back l found her married to someone else which infuriated me. I did not go to her house but we met on the road and this triggered me to assault her,” he said.

Magistrate Story Rushambwa was gutted by the fact that a man had to beat up a woman because she fell in love with someone else and got married which is her right.

“You had no right to assault this lady since she had no obligation to marry you in any way,” he said.

Rushambwa also added that a woman has the right to marry whoever she wants despite a couple agreeing to do so because feelings change or someone else might impress her.

A medical report was produced in court as evidence of the bruises and swelling that suffered the victim in the hands of the accused which indicated also indicated that the injuries were not a threat to her life.

The magistrate fined the accused $200 while suspending 3 months imprisonment in the effect that he doesn’t repeat the same offense in the next four years otherwise the suspended sentence will be added to the crime.

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