Tore Primary sends SOS

By Leeroy Mukotekwa

Shortage of classrooms at Tore Primary School has seen learners occupying a disused chicken run as a classroom.
Found in such dire straits the school has raised a red flag to the local and international community for assistance.

Nkosana Matalikwa the school headmaster has said the learning institution which is found in resettlement areas has been greatly sidelined in developmental projects.

“As a school our main problem is shortage of classrooms we are operating with four dilapidated blocks. We have even resorted to use a fowl run to accommodate our learners,” he said.

Matalikwa pointed out that as a school they have resorted to hot sitting to curb overpopulation of students and to maintain a normal teacher to student ratio.

“We have an enrolment of more than 232 students’ but we have alternatively initiated hot sitting to ease the teacher’s ratio of students,” said Matalikwa.

The school head indicated that the school outsources funds from the cooperate community and also depends on poultry to sustain operations at the learning institution.

“Tore is on the outskirts of Kwekwe and the community is heavily populated with farms and artisanal miners and they hardly pay their school fees. Lions Clubs and other community engagements programs rally behind in support of the school running’s schedules.Poultry projects have also sustained us,” he said.

The veteran education tutor was disgruntled with the sidelining of the school in developmental projects as compared to those in urban areas.

“Some schools is urban areas have benefited much from projects being rolled out by the government which offer developmental and sustaining skills but that is yet to come to our doorsteps, ”said Matalikwa.

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