Redcliff on tenterhooks MP says as cholera hit Midlands

By William Milasi

Redcliff MP Lloyd Mukapiko has said the constituency is on tenterhooks as residents are now panicking following a cholera outbreak which claimed 30 in the capital before spreading to other parts of the country Midlands included.

In Midlands Gokwe North recorded nearly ten cholera cases.

The Provincial Medical Director Simon Nyadundu has assured the province that there is no need to press panic buttons as the situation is under control.

“The situation is currently under control in the province. The nine suspected cases have all been discharged,” he said.

He however said, “Camps are still in place though there are no new cases.”

Mukapiko has however said for the perennially dry Redcliff there is need for intervention measures to be put in place.

Redcliff relies on Kwekwe City for its supplies.

The steelworks suburb has however been disconnected following an estimated 3 million debt.

Kwekwe on its part is disconnecting defaulters.

“We have no choice but to disconnect defaulters if they are not fulfilling their financial obligations. Council doesn’t have money we need money to purchase water treatment chemicals,” Kwekwe mayor Angeline Kasipo said.

The situation has left Redcliff in a lurch.

“In Redcliff we have a dilapidated water system whilst sewer reticulation is in near extinction against a backdrop of recent cholera outbreaks in Midlands, residents in Redcliff are on tenterhooks,” Mukapiko said.

He added, “The dilapidated water and sewer systems in Redcliff need urgent attention. We have seen residents going for extended periods without portable water. If the situation goes unchecked we are in a crisis.”

The law maker confirmed that for over a year residents have been subjected to an inconsistent water supply.

A solution Mukapiko said is for the town to have its own water treatment plant.

“What we need as Redcliff is a sustainable solution to water challenges which we are currently being experienced. Residents have for a long time borne the brunt of water challenges and it’s time to proffer sustainable solutions,” said the ex-Redcliff municipality employee.

“We have seen well wishers drilling boreholes in parts of the constituency though commendable the move is unsustainable going into the future. What is needed for Redcliff is its own water treatment plant. We cannot continue to rely on supplies from Kwekwe City. What we need is to be independent and have a sustainable water supply. We need serious interventions to mitigate foreseeable water borne diseases which might be contracted under the current situation,” he said.

Mukapiko said the closure of former integrated steelworks giant Zisco Steel has negatively impacted on Redcliff.

“The closure of Zisco Steel has seen people in Redcliff undergoing untold suffering and water challenges are some of the far reaching consequences. For Redcliff to be saved the reopening of Zisco steel is a top priority. We cannot speak of an economic turnaround in this country without the reopening of Zisco Steel,” he said.

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