Man Strikes wife with dinner plates overexposed love affair

By Tinaani Nyabereka

Gweru–Abizarre incident left the court in shock after a Gweru man used an iron rod and two dinner plates to beat his wife accusing her of exposing his affair with a neighbor’s wife.

Appearing before Magistrate Charity Maphosa , Eugene Mashayamombe (27) of 869 Mkoba 13 Gweru was charged with the crime of domestic violence as defined in section (1)(A) as read in section 4(1) of the Domestic violence Act chapter 5,16.

According to the state as presented by the state Prosecutor Memory Chitsungi, on the 3rd of September 2018 the accused arrived home at 2200hrs from town where he does his vending business and begun accusing complainant Ennia Simbanai (25) of 869 of Mkoba 13 of exposing his affair with the neighbor’s wife to the latter’s husband.

The accused ordered the complainant to give him all the money in her possession .Whilst handing the money to the accused some of the money dropped and the complainant stepped over it.

The accused person began to striking the complainant on her feet using an iron rod. He took a leathers belt and began beating up the complainant to the extended that he began using clench fist and booted feet before he hit her kicking the complainant on the ear.

The complainant screamed leading to the intervention of a neighbor after the neighbor had left the accused person took two dinner plates and hit the complainant twice on the head.

The complainant then began picking up some of the money the accused had scattered on the floor, whilst she was doing so the accused took a knife with which he stabbed the complainant on the back.

The complainant later reported at Mkoba police station, leading to the arrest of Mashayamombe.

The accused was sentenced to nine months in prison with six months were suspended for 2 years on the condition that the accused does not commit the similar offence again.

A further three months were suspended on the condition that Mashayamombe performs a community service at Mkoba Poly clinic for 105 hours . This came out after his wife wrote to the courts to withdraw the case.

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