Kwekwe poor sanitation worries residents

By Lorraine Samupanya

Residents are worried with poor sanitation in the gold mining town against a backdrop of a cholera outbreak in the capital city which claimed 30.

Kwekwe City Council is battling dilapidated public infrastructure, in adequate ablution facilities in public places coupled with incessant water cuts.

“How can we avoid the outbreak of cholera in Kwekwe when we have poor sanitation? We don’t have adequate ablution facilities in public places and the available few are in a deplorable state,” said one of the residents.
Kwekwe is yet to register any cholera victim.

A visit by the Midlands Observer to public place such as bus terminus established public toilets in a deplorable state in other place no toilets at all.

A case in point is the Redcliff commuter omnibus rank.

Transport operators and commuters are supposed to use a pay toilet those who cannot afford the facility are relieving themselves in nearby thickets.

The situation has worried residents and has called on the council to urgently arrest the situation.

Meanwhile, Acting Health Director John Bandama has assured residents that the situation is under control are the city is yet to register any cholera victim.

“The community is living in total fear hence we have received cases whereby a report of suspected typhoid or cholera will be reported but when we get to the place we discover that sometimes it will only be a mere vomiting or diarrhoea,” Bandama said.

Meanwhile he said that they have already started doing alert programmes in all the mines surrounding Kwekwe as they are also on a high risk of being affected by the two deadly diseases due to poor sanitation and shortages of safe drinking water.

“We have since started engaging with all the surrounding mines educating the residents there since we feel they are at high risks contaminating typhoid and cholera as their living conditions are poor,” he said.

Bandama however said that they have already set aside Mbizo 1 clinic for the cholera treatment if any case arises.

“We are already prepared to fight the epidemic all the necessary staffs is there as we do not want to lose lives due as a result of cholera, Mbizo 1 clinic has been set aside for that,” Bandama indicated.

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