Habitual criminal ‘thanks magistrate for lighter sentence’

By Leeroy Mukotekwa

An unrepentant habitual criminal is thankful for being slapped with a lighter sentence by Kwekwe magistrate Story Rushambwa.

Edison Mbambo (28) of Milsonia who had remained unreformed after being pardoned by the court thrice heaved a sigh after he was slapped with only a 12 months jail term.

“I am grateful the magistrate gave me a lighter sentence considering the gravity of my crimes.

“I was expecting to serve in jail for a longer period but I thank the magistrate for his leniency,” Mbambo was heard telling prison officials after his sentence.

He was facing similar offences from the previous charges of assault, theft and vandalism of property.

He was once docked in 2012, 2014 and 2016 respectively.

In all those court appearances the court always pardoned him.

An irate Rushambwa indicated that Mbambo has decided to remain unrepentant.

“You were spared jail time in your previous three court cases from 2012 up to this date

“You are being hauled again facing three counts of similar offences and that’s totally clear verdict that you have not yet reformed and we think time behind bars will make a difference for you,” said Magistrate Story Rushambwa.

The court heard that on the 13th of September Edson Mbambo around 1900 hours at a local bar in Milsonia had an argument with the bar tender which turned nasty as he soaked the bar tender with castle larger beer which he showered on her.

As if that was not enough Mbambo was asked to go out with other patrons but insisted to remain behind which forced Taurai Musiiwa and the complainant to lock the doors and windows so that they could knock off.

The state papers attested that the two left Mbambo inside as they feared for their lives as he is well known for his violence and this prompted Mbambo to loot beer and vandalise the doors to gain exit from the shop.

The state alluded that Mbambo forcibly went through the shop screen and looted 1.25 litres Super Chibuku beer which he smuggled through the windows.

The actions led to his arrest.

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