Commercial farm manager drags Mnangagwa name in Rhodesian barbed wire theft

By Mike Chakwana

A commercial farm manager has dragged President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s name in a Rhodesian barbed wire theft.

Fanyani Mpofu who is managing the property of commercial farmer based in Redcliff Watson said the stolen barbed wire strand which was covering the farm was bought during the time of Rhodesia.

Mpofu was testifying in a case were Lucias Matambo of Torwood is standing accused of stealing the wire strand.

The court demanded that Mpofu provided receipts to back his claims that the barbed wire indeed belonged to Watson.

Fanyani swore that it was an impossibility to produce receipts as the wire was brought during the colonial time.

“We can’t provide the receipts because the wire was bought during the Rhodesian period. We can keep on arguing maybe if we are to call the state President he will be able to identify the kind of wire as from Rhodesian times since he lived during colonial subjugation,” he said.

State witness Kudzanai Chavasarira said they took a sample of steel wire that was on the farm for them to compare with the wire that was found surrounding the par dock of Matambo.

“The complainant took us to Torwood to meet the accused whom they were suspecting of stealing the steel wire at Watson farm,” said Chavasarira.

He explained that the accused son (Obert Mutambo) told them they had been instructed by their father to collect some steel wire at Watson farm to make a paddock at their farm.

Chavasarira said the accused was then found with 700 metres of steel wire and the other 100 metres of steel wire was at his friends place in that area.

The accused admitted that he had stolen the steel wire and he was going to direct them to the other person who was in connection of the crime.

“When the police arrived at the suspect place he fled from his place and the accused who was with us also took an escape from the car,” he said.

State papers indicated that the steel wire was owned by Mpofu whilst the witness said the steel wire was owned by Watson.

“Mr Watson should be the witness of the steel wire since it’s his property and he should be part of this session,” said magistrate Story Rushambwa.

The case was postponed to 27 September 2018.

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