Chebundo, Blackman fate to be decided next week

By William Milasi

The legitimacy of Kwekwe Central seat which was won by National Patriotic Front (NPF) candidate Masango Matambanadzo and is being challenged by MDC Alliance candidate Blessing Chebundo is set to be sealed next week.

Matambanadzo polled 7 578 against Chebundo’s 7 122.

Chebundo is however feeling cheated as he is accusing Matambanadzo of vote buying and abusing the logo of the MDC Alliance to win the July 30 polls.

“The matter is going to be heard next week. Then we will get a verdict,” Chebundo lawyer Tonderai Chitere said.
Matambanadzo has however remained unfazed.

Through his lawyer liberty Mashanyare, Matambanadzo has since denied buying votes.

In opposing the petition brought before the Electoral Court Matambanadzo indicated that no vote buying ever took place.

“Although the respondent denies having taken malpractices or irregularities, no issues other than that arise. Of importance to note is the fact that I defeated Chebundo in 2013 both in the election and in court and com again on the 30th of July 2018, I defeated him again,” Matambanadzo said.

He added, “It is known from history that the petitioner does not accept an election result other than the one in which he is the winner. This is not the first time I have won the Kwekwe Central; parliamentary seat against the petitioner. In 2013, after losing in similar elections the petitioner approached this court with similar allegations, but still lost in court.”

Chebundo is accusing Matambanadzo of using an ambulance he bought using the Constituency Development Fund to get votes, an allegation Matambanadzo denies.

“It is wondering to believe that an ambulance with political insignia compels people to vote in a particular way. The ambulance was handed over to Kwekwe Municipality as it arrived. I had no ulterior motive neither do I hold such motive, but the Town Clerk was a candidate in the Zanu PF primary elections for the post of Member of Parliament for Kwekwe Central did not accept the donation in time,” said Matambanadzo is his founding affidavit.

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