15 family members living in open

By Chipo Gudhe

More than 15 family members of an apostolic sect are living in the open in Mbizo following an eviction by the messenger of court and police over a debt taken by their deceased father. The Svosve family was thrown out of number 717 Section 19 after a Kwekwe businessman Daine Chikowore sold their house to Gilbert Chandisareva over an alleged US$5000 debt taken sometime in 2009 by Nearly Magini Svosve.

Svosve succumbed to pneumonia the 13 April 2018 death certificate in possession of the Midlands Observer revealed, leaving behind 32 children and two wives.

When The Midlands Observer news crew arrived at the house on Tuesday afternoon, the family’s personal belonging were strewn outside the house with members taking refuge under the shade of a mango tree next door.

When sought for comment to ascertain what had taken place the younger wife in the polygamous had set up referred all questions to the elder wife.

“This is the sad situation we are living in but l cannot talk to you as l am a junior wife. My elder sister can give you details of what is on the ground,” she said before calling the elder wife.

“We only saw the police and people from the messenger of court coming to evict us on Friday last week. We were told that the house had been sold to Chandisareva by one Daine Chikowore hence we were illegal occupants. As you can see we have been sleeping outside with the children and it’s very painful for a mother to see her children suffering,” said Svosve eldest wife.

Both women requested anonymity as church tradition did not allow them to give official comments hence they referred all questions to their husbands elder brother who resides in Section 5 Mbizo.

The deceased’s elder brother, Manatsa Magini Svosve told this publication that his young brother had once approached Chikowore for financial backup sometimes before 2010 and had paid part of the money.

“My young brother died this year, that’s when we started hearing of this transaction between the two. We have since engaged the services of a lawyer who is assisting us,” he said.

Lawyer Devias Mujaya of Mawadze and Mujaya legal practioners who is working on the case said has since filed an exparte application for stay of execution.

According to papers gleaned by this publication the house ownership is still with Nearly Mangini Svosve this is evidenced by water bill statement recently issued by Kwekwe City Council in August this year.

This publication however is still carrying out investigations to determine what really transpired in the unfortunate eviction and the alleged loan transaction.

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