Kwekwe business community poorer following deaths of two prominent business people

By Observer Reporters

The Kwekwe business community has been left poorer following the death of two prominent business people. 

The deaths of George Tobaiwa and Abdullah Mia recently left plunged the city in mourning. 

Tobaiwa owned Club Drive Inn in Redcliff succumbed to High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

 Mia who owned shops in Kwekwe died after a long illness. The Muslim community who benefitted from Mia’s benevolence was left devastated.

 Mia was a Muslim. 

“We have been devasted by the death of Mia. He was a strong pillar of the community. He assisted those in need. In Islam from Allah we came from and from him we shall return,” a Muslim cleric said in in an interview. 

Meanwhile, MacLean Nyandoro who is a close friend to the late Tobaiwa said Tobaiwa’s death is a huge blow.

 ”I was very close to George,he really  was a friend in deed. He was full of love, very natural, simple person who respected everyone who came his way,” Nyandoro said. 

Tobaiwa was a Catholic. 

The two business people have since been buried. 

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