‘Greet each other’ First Lady urges nation

By Sarah Busangabanye

First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa has said there are many forms of showing love and greeting each other is one form of love. 

Mnangagwa was speaking recently when she was donating groceries to the disabled,elderly and vulnerable at Kwekwe Queens Club.

The donations were made with the Angel of Hope foundation together with Midlands local business people.

The First Lady said people must love each other especially those with disabilities. 
”Love is not all about giving items,greetings are also a form of love,” she said. 

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa added that through social welfare those with disabilities should be engaged in work and projects for self reliance.

“It also helps the system as well as the mind,” she said. 

Midlands Minister for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Larry Mavima speaking at the same event said the elderly are struggling to cope during Covid-19. 

”The elderly are struggling to cope in this pandemic but your donation (from the First Lady) will go a long way in feeding the needThe donations will help a lot especially in the pandemic,” he said.

 Mavhima added that the gesture by the First Lady shows generosity,kindness and love.Minister Mavima said through her work, Mnangagwa is changing lives across the country.

The First Lady said she will not stop assisting the maginalised, underprivileged, children and youths.

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