Man trades obscenities with wife in front of mother-in-law over USD$20

By Court Reporter

 A Kwekwe man traded obscenities with wife in front of his mother-in-law over USD $20.

 Kwekwe Magistrate Mildred Matuvi heard that  Honest Mashinga traded insults with his wife Lillian Ncube in the presence of his mother-in-law.

 Ncube told Magistrate Matuvi that Mashinga assaulted her and shouted obscenities at her almost every day.

”I told him not to pay rent with the US$20 we he had so that we buy some stuff which were not in the house and he started shouting at me, uttering obscenities  in front of my mother,” Ncube said.

 Ncube said that Mashinga banned her from going to work and added that he sometimes forced her to have sex.

”I had found a housemaid job but he won’t allow me.He also sold our stand because it’s in his name and chopped some of the money alone,” she added.

In his defense Mashinga said his wife insulted her and said he was useless. “She is the one who insulted me saying I’m useless and that’s when we exchanged harsh words.”

He also said maybe Ncube  is fed up with the marriage because he denied him his conjugal rights.”She only want to abuse this protection order so that she do what pleases her,” he claimed. 

However, they were both given an order so that they stay in peace.

Matuvi added that the two treated each other with suspicion and have big egos.

They were told to learn how to communicate with each other before the courts ordered Mashinga is not to sell their laptop and desktop for the sake of their minor children.

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