Zanu PF commences 2023 election mobilisation

By Rushwaya Marrian/William Milasi

The governing Zanu PF party in Midlands has commenced mobilization of supporters for 2023 elections.

Zanu PF Midlands provincial boss Daniel Mackenzie Ncube in an interview confirmed that the party in its mobilization process is rolling out electronic cards as way of auditing the party’s support base.

Recently hundreds thronged the Zanu PF Kwekwe District Offices to get the electronic cards.

“The Party is issuing electronic cards in strict adherence to World Health Organisation (WHO) COVID guidelines. We have teams in all the 5 constituencies. Party cards are the cornerstone of our mobilization program. The cards complete and cement the relationship with the Party. It is therefore an honor and a privilege to have a Zanu PF party card,” Ncube said.

Zanu PF provincial Spokesperson Cornelious Mupereri said the cards shows that one is a bona-fide party member.

“These are party membership cards which shows that one is a full member,” Mupereri said.

He added that it is a constitutional provision for one to have a party card if they belong to a certain party and they should be a fully subscribed member.

” For one to be a full member you must acquire a card and should be paying subscriptions as well.The subscriptions are paid depending on one’s position in the party, ordinary party supporters pay 1 dollar per person,while others pay a maximum of 5 dollars because of their position, ” said Mupereri.

Mupereri said the party used to have electronic cards which were used during the Mugabe era but they later changed.

“We used to have electronic cards during the Mugabe era but we have since ruled them out to the one which is linked to POSB, and for those with POSB cards there is no need to take a new one but they will need to pay their subscription fee only,” Mupereri said.

Mupereri emphasized that the party cards had nothing to do with the 2023 presidential elections.

“It also helps us to know our membership ( data base)and where they are located geographically, but has nothing to do with presidential elections.The party cards can be used when choosing internal leadership,” he said.

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