Anti graft board welcomes Mohadi resignation

… Urges corruption fingered officials to follow suit
By Staff Reporter
An anti graft board the Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa (ACT-SA) which has welcomed former Vice President Kembo Mohadi’s resignation has urged other officials fingered in corruption to follow suit.
Actsa acting Regional Director Alouis Munyaradzi Chaumba said this was a welcome decision before further urging other leaders who are facing similar allegations, including corruption cases to do the same.

“If he had not resigned, this was going to be a huge embarrassment to the office of the Presidency. Vice President Mohadi has done well. It is preposterous that he is alleged to have sexually abused women in his office, including girls he had assisted to go to college. I think these women could not refuse in fear of losing their jobs. It is a huge shame,” e said.
The anti graft board said Mohadi’s actions have set an example to leaders of what Is expected when the image of the country would be at stake.

“The resignation of Vice President Mohadi has helped to set an example on what is normally expected when the image of the country is at stake. Those in high offices are expected to uphold high moral and competence standards.These scandals disrupt moral foundations and societal expectations,” Actsa said.
The graft board however, said not only sexual scandals are corrupt behaviours manifested by politicians.
“However, sexual scandals are not the only kinds of corrupt behaviours manifested by politicians. It is strongly recommended that those already identified as having engaged in corrupt and unethical behavior immediately self-assess and consider resigning,” Actsa said.

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