Midlands MDC Alliance activists sentenced to 4 months imprisonment for participating in anti Mnangagwa demo

By Staff Reporter 
Midlands MDC Alliance activists have been sentenced to 4 months imprisonment for participating in an anti Mnangagwa demonstration in Kwekwe in March this year. 
The activists include 2 Kwekwe Councillors Melody Chingarande and Washington Moyo Midlands Province Youth Chairperson Sekai Marashe Lovemore Savanhu, Leonard Musemwa and Rodrick Nyamushosho. 
The 6 have been convicted for participating in an illegal demonstration at Mbizo 4 shopping centre. 
Kwekwe Magistrate Florence Nago convicted 5 after a full trial in a case which have been running for several months. One of the accused Lovemore Savanhu was acquitted at the close of the case for lack of evidence. Magistrate Nago, sentenced the five to a 4 months imprisonment 2 months were suspended on condition that they would not commit the same offence for the next five years. She however, gave the five an option of paying a $20 000 rtgs fine each. 
“There were supposed to hand over judgment in the matter last week but the magistrate said judgement then was not yet ready. The magistrate has given them an option of paying a fine of 20 000 rtgs each,” the activists lawyer Reginald Chidawanyika said in an interview. 
When of the trial of the the activists commenced earlier this year there was a heavy military and police presence seiging Kwekwe Magistrate Courts. 
The activists since then have been on bail. 
They were  facing charges of participating in an unsanctioned demonstration in which they denounced President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s rule.
They were  standing accused of participating in an anti-Mnangagwa demonstration in Mbizo 4,with intent to promote public violence.

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