Artisinal miner bludgeon colleague for denying him sadza

By Esther Moyo 

A Penduka mine worker in Chiundura has appeared before the Kwekwe magistrate courts  for putting his co-worker’s life in danger after hitting him with a wooden log on the head because he had refused to give him sadza.

Asin Chireya  (23) used a wooden log to hit Doubt Moyo  (28) on the head because Moyo had only cooked sadza for himself. 

“Doubt had only cooked sadza for himself and when I asked were was my own share he replied that there was no sadza and no one is going to cook again,” said Chireya.

Chireya went on to say that Moyo’s reply made him very furious to the extent that he just picked a log which was close by and used it to hit Chireya on the head.

Magistrate Florence Nago was not convinced by  his explanation and she slapped him with a 2months jail sentence if he fails to pay a fine of 3000rtgs because she said he had no right to do what he did.

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