Mbanje selling Torwood woman slapped with 15 months jail term

By Marrian Rushwaya

A woman from Torwood who was arrested for not only possessing Mbanje but also selling the drug has been sentenced to an effective 15 months imprisonment.

 Rumbidzayi Chiunya (29) who appeared before Kwekwe Magistrate Siamukhelisiwe Gumbo was facing two counts of dagga possession.

The court heard that on the 30th of September the accused was found in possession of dagga which she was  suspected to be selling without a licence.

On the second count the police officers found 14 x 4,4cm dagga plants cultivated in her garden.

She denied the charges.

The accused denied ownership of the dagga, she said the dagga was found in a spare bedroom which is accessible to many people.

“Your Worship the dagga is not mine my brother in-law often uses that room whenever he comes,” said Chiunya in her defence.

On the second count she denied the allegations again.

She said her garden is used by many people including neighbours, her husband and her brother in- law

“ The garden is accessible to many so l have no idea on whom cultivated the dagga,” she told the court.

She went on to say that the garden is not well maintaine because there are weeds.
“The garden is not well maintained so l didn’t realise  there was dagga because there are weeds in the garden as well,” she said.

However, evidence state witness presented overwhelming evidence against her.

They managed to search almost every room except the one which was said to be used by the brother in law when he comes.

“We managed to search all the rooms including the bedroom and we found nothing,” witnesses said.

“When we were about to leave the brother in-law arrived, and we told him that we wanted to search his room but he denied access to the room.He said he resides at B43 and the accused did not deny that.We then searched and found a black satchel which contained 11 satchets of dagga,” the State said.

The accused was represented by Hore and Partners.

Upon passing the judgment the presiding Magistrate said bail was not enough for the offences she committed, so for the first count she was given 6 months and 12months for the second count of which 3 months were suspended on the condition that she will not commit the same crime in the next five years.

Chiunya has a 6month old baby.

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