Man threatens ex wife with death demands bride price back

By Sarah Busangabanye 

A Kwekwe man allegedly threatend his ex wife with death before threatening her with death.

 Jacob Taingani was dragged to the courts by his ex-wife Sheila Matare who is filing for a protection order.

Matare who separated with Taingana in 2018  told the court that her ex husband is is denying her access to her two minor children aged 3 and 9 respectively. 

This was after Taingana had pleaded with his ex wife to take the minors for three days only to make an about turn with the three days elapsing before Taingana refused to return the children to their mother. 

She then filed a protection order against her ex husband.

“I was at work on 1November 2020 when he visited me and said  he wanted to spent three days with the children but later on said he won’t give them to me unless I give him his bride price back,” Matare said. 

The children were taken at Capernum 89.

At first they were staying in Silobela with Matare’s aunt while she was looking for a job.

She also said that she has not been assaulted yet but heard of threats.

“He has not assaulted me yet but he tells my children that he will kill me unaware,” she said.

On his part Taingana said said his ex wife refused to pay him a visit when he fell ill while in the custody of the children. 

“After I took the children, I fell ill and when I asked her to visit me, she refused thats when I told her that the children were only my relatives,” he said.

 He added that the place where his ex wife is staying is not conducive for the upbringing of his children as she is staying at her workplace.

 Matare told the court that she couldn’t visit because her ex husband remarried.

 Magistrate Mildred Matuvi gave Matare temporary custody for the children while they find an amicable solution to their differences. 

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