Fight over ‘Stumbo,’ leads to relationship collapse

By Sarah Busangabanye 

A relationship between a Kwekwe man and his girlfriend collapsed following a misunderstanding over a sweet. 

This recently emerged at Kwekwe Civil Court, when Kudzai Matondo told Magistrate Mildred Mutivi that he broke up with his girlfriend after he saw her sharing a sweet with her uncle.

 The girlfriend Shylet Magunda is demanding child support from Matondo whom she said fathered her baby.

Matondo is denying responsibility.

 It emerged that the two started dating in 2016 when Matondo was a tenant at Shylet’s uncle.

 “I don’t know why he is denying the baby yet we had sex twice,” Magunda said. 

She is claiming $ 3000RTGS for the baby’s clothes and $4000 RTGS for groceries every month.

Matondo in defence said the relationship collapsed in 2016.

“The baby is not mine, we broke up in 2016 so how come she says a baby less than a year is mine,” Matondo said before telling the court reasons which led to the break up. 

“I saw her eating the same sweet with her uncle leading us to break up.

“Even after we broke up she has been staying with different men whom I think  are responsible for the child,” Matondo said. 

Meanwhile, the Kwekwe Court demanded that Matondo pays $2800RTGS in child support for the minor until he turns 18 starting from December 2020.

Passing judgement Matuvi said she doesn’t see the reason why someone would pick a man she never slept with of all the men in Kwekwe especially a married one.

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