Heavy rains leaves a trail of destruction in Kwekwe

By Branton Matondo

The current incessant rains which have been pounding the country in recent days had left a trail of destruction in Kwekwe District a senior government official has said.

Speaking to the this publication in an interview Kwekwe District Development Coordinator (DDC) Fortune Mupungu said infrastructure damage caused by the rains has been mostly experienced in rural Kwekwe.

The state of infrastructure in Kwekwe has been greatly affected by the heavy rains with some road networks in parts of cental Kwekwe being left with gaping potholes.

“Road Infrastructure in rural areas encompassed in the Kwekwe district have been largely affected since gullies and shallow depressions are being created by the ever flowing rains,” Mupungu said.

Recently, the severity of the rains saw an elderly couple in Silobela being marooned by the heavy rains.

“The Civil Protection Unit through the police unit managed to rescue a stranded elderly couple that was marooned by the flooded Zhombe-Dhonza river,” he said.

He added that part of government’s Devolution disrbusments will be channelled towards infrastructural development.

“We are expecting the last quarter of the devolution fund will go a long way in the refurbishment of grossly affected road structures and this will be done in conjunction with Kwekwe City Council who are also putting in a plan to fix some affected parts of the city,” he said.

Meanwhile, awareness campaigns have already been put in place especially in Zhombe to enlighten the public on the dangers that are posed by crossing flooded streams and rivers. 

The district response team has also managed to utilize the internet by creating online awareness campaigns that are supposed to have a wider reach, in turn educating and informing the public on the challenges at hand. 

Work towards the prevention of road carnages due to damaged roads is ongoing and the head of the district administration is striving towards the revamp of the worst affected areas in the district. 

Mupungu adviced the general public to stay away from water bodies such as streams and rivers and for motorists to exercise caution when driving.

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