GBV hampering Community development

By Tinotendaishe Mutsindikwa

A Zibagwe Rural District Council (ZRDC) Councillor has said gender based violence is hampering Community development.

Ward 13 Councillor Idiraishe Dongo who is also the ZRDC Gender Committee Chairperson has raised a red flag on the prevalence of the GBV cases in the country. 

“Harmful acts directed at an individual based on their gender is contributing to the failure of community development in Zimbabwe,” she said. 
Dongo said GBV is a serious criminal offence and victims must find courage to report the perpetrators.

 “Gender based violence is a serious crime and the victim have got a right to report to a nearest police station whenever they feel like being oppressed or manipulated,” she said. 

Dongo further said everyone is a potential victim of GBV regardless of gender, colour, tribe or age. 
‘’I made a decision to fight gender based violence  as a visionary of the Deborah Lady of Today International. We need to care for each other, for our children, our elderly,disabled and our poor so that they are not victims of GBV,’’ she said.

GBV cases are currently spiking. 

Though GBV according to statistics affects everyone the worst affected in the scourge are women, the marginalized and people living with disabilities.

 According to the Zimbabwe Gender Commission women are victims of rape every day and the number is increasing. 

The Gender Committee at Zibagwe RDC is fighting the crisis by empowering the community with education ,advocating for stiff penalties for abusers. 

“So far we have roll out the first phase of GBV programs at grass roots targeting all school going girls and young women,’’ Dongo said. 

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