Steelmakers calls for gvt protection of local industry

By Staff Reporter

 Giant Redcliff based steelmanufacturer  Steelmakers Pvt Ltd has urged government to be inward looking so as to generate the much needed foreign currency by protecting the local industry.

Speaking in an interview Steelmakers Operations Director Almwar Upendra said there is need for the protection of the local industry. 

“What we is needed is to value add our products. The moment we value add our products we can fetch more in exports than exporting it like scrap. That way the country can generate foreign currency,” Upendra said. 

On the way forward, Upendra said there is need to have a more inward looking approach. 

Steelmakers used to rely on Ziscosteel for raw materials.

 Since the demise of Ziscosteel the company had to broaden its scope in terms of searching for raw materials. 

“We are therefore, calling on Government to protect the local industry like in our case seriously consider banning of scrap so that it benefits not only Steelmakers but the local market. Government must put in place mechanisms to protect local industries so that it will be easy to access raw materials for the local industries. In the process local industries will be more self reliant and work more on exports than imports and this will help the country in revenue generation,” he said. 
At the commencement of operations in 1998 Steelmakers relied on scrap metal during its manufacturing processes. However, in recent years the company is now more inward looking as it is moving towards being self reliant. 

“We are working hard to become self-sufficient. We started doing everything in-house. For instance, we are working on resuscitating our foundry and constructing our own water purification plant. We have since installed our own oxygen plant and we are also mining our own coal in Chiredzi in a bid to counter challenges of relying on other companies,” said Upendra.
Steelmakers makers has managed to withstand the economic vagaries and also the novel Covid-19 which have battered economies across the world. 

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