Village head accused of fighting brother over inheritance

By Sarah Busangabanye 

A Mathe village head is embroiled in a serious inheritance fight with his elder brother following their parent’s death.

 At the centre of the fight Kwekwe Magistrate Mildred Mutuvi heard is a piece of land which was left by the deceased’s parents. 

Mandla Mate and Lisius Mate have confirmed that coexistence between the two of them have failed. 

The elder brother Mandla has approached the courts seeking for a  protection order against his village head brother Lisius. 

Mandla is accusing Lisius of changing his padlocks while he was in Nkayi where he works before abusing his workers and kept his cattle away from grazing land for 2 days. 
“Its a year now since I visited my homestead because Lisius threatens to assault me If I ever step my feet there,” said Mandla.

He claimed that he was the rightful owner of the property as  he was given the homestead by his late father when he asked for his own piece of land in 2001.

“My father gave me the homestead so that I could stay there taking care of my mother who died in 2014,” he said. 

He further claimed that Lisius doesn’t want anyone to make any development at that place as he claimed it to be his.One of the workers as well as their nephew ,(Wallen Mate) who is a herdmen said he was also abused by Lisius.

“He throws my belongings out of the house and allocated me somewhere I could stay but later send a message that I should pay him $30US”, Wallen said.

However, the application for a peace order has been dismissed since there was no evidence of physical abuse on Mandla.The court argued that all the harassment and accusations are based on a third party.

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