Rushwaya under ZMF spotlight

Tinaani Nyabereka

Underfire Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) president Henreitta Rushwaya is under the federation’s scrutiny following allegations of financial impropriety.

Following her arrest last month at Robert Mugabe International with 6kgs of gold enroute to Dubai, Rushwaya has been suspended as ZMF president.

ZMF Secretary General Morgan Mugawu speaking to journalists in Gwere recently said the federation was conducting investigations.

He added allegations about Rushwaya’s illegal bank accounts were yet to be looked at, as investigations were on going.

“As for Henneritta’s case, investigations are ongoing as you just pointed that she was involved in alleged money scams. So investigations are ongoing once complete we will notify the media with correct information because for now they are still allegations,” Mugawu said.

Mugawu further said Rushwaya was just suspended and had the right to go for a hearing.

“This meeting was never blocked and no attempts were made to try block it but what I can say is that we cannot fully dismiss her (Rushwaya) without enough evidence, so she was just suspended but after investigation a disciplinary committee will sit to look at all the allegations being levelled against her,” he said.

Meanwhile, ZMF is currently preparing for an Annual General Meeting.

Amongst some other issues to be deliberated are issues of the leadership vacuum. 

“So the venue for our AGM is Bulawayo, as we once said yes we have leadership vacuums and the AGM we just have discussions around that but elections for the vacancies will be done in 2021, so those who are going to fill the vacancies now it will be on acting basis,” he said.

Magawu said as the AGM was drawing closer a lot of issues were to be discussed in line with addressing challenges which were affecting the miners.

“The AGM is set to tackle a lot of issues including shortages of mining explosives, our work as miners in line with the Rural District Councils who are charging exorbitant prices for permits to our miners among other issues,” he said.

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