Kwekwe man beaten by wifes’ brothers for having girlfriends

By Sarah Busangabanye

 A Kwekwe man has claimed to have been beaten by his wife’s brothers following false accusations of having girlfriends. 

Fed up Innocent Makawu said he couldn’t take up the beatings anymore as his inlaws have a habit of beating him every time he has a misunderstanding with his wife.

 Makawu appearing before Kwekwe Magistrate Mildred Matuvi sought a  peace order against Richard Sibanda and Sibombe Sibanda.

He said he was no longer at peace since everytime he has a misunderstanding with his wife Priviledge Sibanda he receives a beating from his inlaws. 

“On 12 November 2020, which is the last day I had dispute with my wife,my in-laws assaulted me to the extent that I now have serious headache issues up too date,” he said. 

The brothers however, are under the impression that Makawu is irresponsible and that he is not taking enough care of their sister and her children before accusing him of spending  money on girlfriends.

“He is not taking care of his children, all he does is to squander money with girlfriends giving us his responsibilities,” said one of the Sibanda brothers. 

Makawu however, said he has a shop where he meets a lot of people including women which his wife claims to be his girlfriends.

He was granted a peace order in his favour. 

In granting the peace order the magistrate said the brothers should not have taken the law into their hands by assaulting him as well as harassing him. 

Mutuvi also ordered the duo from verbally or physically abusing Makawu. 

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