Kwekwe afrojazz artist to drop debut album

By Entertainment Reporter An afrojazz artist from Kwekwe is set to drop his debut album on Sunday. 

Tarwireyi Innocious Lucious (22) told Observer Style that after getting into the music industry in 2017 he has now decided to drop a 7 track album titled, “Manyezunyaka.”

Going by the stage name Lucious Chaangamire Wooeye the artist said the album title is all about happiness and joy.

“Manyezunyaka means an an extra feeling of happiness,” he said of the album’s meaning as he promised to give his fans happiness. 

Songs on the album include Ngirozi yerudo, Kurasika, Mutupo, Kurauone, Nhava yebenzi, jJatirofa and Masvanhikongonya.

 The track, “Ngirozi Yerudo,” was produced at Madcools Records in Mbizo 13, DJ Elly was the producer.

 The songs Luciuos said is about a guy who is happy and appreciates the love he is being given by his woman. 
On the track “Kurasika” the artist made a commitment to remain grounded even when he becomes famous and continue to be humble.

 The track “Mutupo,” speaks to the issue of totems, in which the artist said he is now praying against bad lucky as some Luciuos said he dreamt about the fourth track “kurauone” when the artist is giving his son advice about life and growing up.

As he is also encouraging his son to be resilient in the face of challenges. The same theme of resilience is also found in the track “Nhava yebenzi.” 

Other tracks from the album are Jatirofa and Masvanhikongonya which express feelings of pain.

He said he chose Afrojazz as a genre since it gives him freedom to express himself as an artist.

 His first track in 2017 was a collaboration with K ZHACKS on a song Huya Kuno. 

He has so far produced singles such as kumazivandadzoka, chimwe changu, zanondoga, my lover and Hie Hello. 

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