Former prospectors president forms new union

By Staff Reporter

 Former Zimbabwe Prospectors Association (ZPA) president Samson Dzingwe has formed a new prospectors association.

 Dzingwe in an exclusive interview with this publication said the new association  Zimbabwe Prospectors Union (Z.P.U) has been formed so as to continue with the agenda of truly representing prospectors in the country. 

Dzingwe recently resigned from ZPA an association he founded in a huff a few days following his suspension from the association, “on suspected misconduct, abuse of office and violation of our constitution.”

He dismissed his suspension then as a non event.

 “After having faced this rebellion, I have decided to step down and resign from Zimbabwe prospectors Association leadership and membership with immediate effect. I am a founding member of ZPA, i formed the association. However, after seeing the events of recent days i have decided to step down for someone else. I am not for positions but i am for a vision to have prospectors interests represented. I have played my part and this is time to call it quits so that someone can take over,” he said then. ZPA was supposed to go for an elective congress next month.

 Dzingwe as ZPA president has recently been involved in serious tussles with Mines Minister Winston Chitando over the sidelining of the prospectors in the ongoing Mines and Minerals Bill public consultations. 

The fierce fights saw Dzingwe earlier this month writing to President Emmerson Mnangagwa registering disquiet in the manner in which the minister was sidelining some key critical stakeholders in the ongoing public consultations. 

This was after Chitando had publicly said that the ministry was going to take input only from the Zimbabwe Miners Federation.

 Against this background, Dzingwe said the reason of forming the new association is, “to pursue and represent fully prospectors concerns in regards to mines and minerals bill which in few days prospectors have been subjected to some betrayals and underhand operations in trying to undermine their representation of their valid concerns in the coming mines and minerals bill consultation meeting through compromised lukewarm Associations claiming and clamour to represent all stakeholders concerns when themselves are in a compromised state and know little about the effects of the bill if passed without exhaustive  consultation of all stakeholders.”

Dzingwe declared that his new association the (Z.P.U) is a standalone union which is not going to be subjected to any other union. 

” ZPU will never submit it’s concerns to Z.M.F but will represent themselves as an organization other than subjecting themselves under an Association that know nothing about our concerns,” he said.

In the interim executive Dzingwe is going to deputised by Smelo Siziba while, Mayor Rimbo is the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General is Docas Haurovi, in charge of the Union’s purse is Moses Musengeya. Committee members are Irvine Master a and Macleo Dangarembwa. 

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