When the gods solemnise Bantuman, Zig Zag Band union

By William Milasi 

In the entertainment starved gold mining city of Kwekwe the mention of Bantuman and Zig Zag band is akin to mentioning Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spanish La liga the footballing giants of Spain. 

Unlike Spanish football fans who are treated to the clash of the two soccer giants El Classico- Kwekwe music lovers will not be treated to such. 

Instead the, ‘a la carte’ for Kwekwe music fans is a dish of concordance between the two musical groups. 

The gods have indeed solemnised the union of Zig Zag and Bantuman to breath life to music in Kwekwe.

 The two musical ensembles Bantuman and his Madzimbabgwe musical outfit and Zig Zag band are undoubtedly musical giants in Kwekwe. 

“The joint venture with Bantuman is one of our way of giving back to the community by helping others artists with no live backing band and putting the spark into the Kwekwe entertainment scene. No longer should our city be regarded as slow and sleepy,” Zig Zag Band frontman Steve Lunga intimated to Observer Style.

Bantuman confirmed the union.

  “I grew up loving and following chigiyo music. Chigiyo flows in veins and it has greatly influenced my personal compositions. I felt I should play a role in  helping our band find it’s footing and reestablish itself on the local and international music landscape,” Tawanda Jumo popularly known as Bantuman in music circles quipped. 

The usung musical promoter in Kwekwe explained the union with Zig Zag Band. 

“Bantu Studios provides the management, space,rehearsal facilities, transport & equipment and promotion to the band,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Lunga said Zig Zag is currently recording music with a studio in Harare. “We’re currently having a good contract with Diamond Studios in Harare where we are currently recording our music. We sometimes hold contracts with renowned tourist resorts,” he said. 

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