Disability not a limitation for Amaveni teacher, Zimdancehall chanter, DJ

By  Tinotendaishe Mutsindikwa

A multitalented educator from Amaveni is making fame for himself for rocking  turn tables in Kwekwe’s oldest suburb as a disc jockey.

 In addition to his artistic talents McAlister Mudzinganyama is also a Zimdancehall chanter. 

Known as  Dj Macrayz the artist has proven that disability is not a limit but the society limits the disabled.

Macrayz was born with a special condition which didn’t allow him to move some of his body parts. 

However, according to him his mother  Merry Mugwira saw him child as any other normal child. 

Hence, just like any other child during his time whenever he strayed from the narrow path, the mother would admnister a stick, true to the word, “spare a rod spoil the child.”

Looking back 24 years ago when he was born, the educator cum artist is a grateful man.

 “The neighborhood thought my mom was abusive when she treated me like a normal kid. I want to thank her for making me the man l am today,’’ he said.
Disability is indeed not an inability, the adage proved true for him. 

This was revealed by his level of brilliance in academics and also his passion in music. 

“People always think that disability is a limit but they do not know that some of us can even do great things than those who underestimate us. We are able to peform some jobs and have families like able bodied individuals,” he said. 

The disc jokey is a graduate from United College of Education were he obtained a teaching Diploma in Inclusion and Special Educational Needs. 

When he is not behind the turn tables he is also in the music studio recording. 

The popular Zimdancehall chanter in Amaveni recently released a song ‘Kunenzwi Ririkuchema.”

The song according to him is being well received by his fans. 

The song speaks about fairness and  discrimination of the disabled.

 The young man cried for a better inclusive society.

“Why do you under estimate us without giving us a chance?” He said opportunities for people in his situation are very limited though people with disabilities have a role to play in the society. 

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