Robbers attack hungry Lower Gweru teacher leaves him for dead

By Mukudzeyi Chikasha 

Robbers pounced on a teacher from Lower Gweru who was coming from the Social Welfare Department to collect his maize allocation for the vulnerable members of society.

Ronald Koncoshe a teacher at Mawoleni High School is currently admitted at Gweru General Hospital following the attack.

Kancoshes told this publication that he had his maize allocation fastened on the carrier of his bicycle when he felt a firm grip on the bicycle pulling him backwards which resulted in him falling down.

He added that after falling down he was bashed thoroughly by three men who used empty bottles to assault him resulting in him attaining serious injuries and cuts all over his body.

Koncoshe who was left for death by his assailants and was picked up by a good Samaritan and taken to the nearest clinic  where he was resuscitated and given treatment.

“I am currently i the hospital recuperating after i was attacked by robbers. I was coming from the Social Welfare Department to collect my maize allocation,” he said.

When this publication visited his place of residence his wife said he had been briefly discharged from from hospital before he suffered a relapse and had to be readmitted. 

Meanwhile, on the same spot, a woman also got robbed of the precious-scarce grain.

She was fortunate enough as the brick that was aimed for her head missed and hit her parcel and she managed to flee the scene unharmed.

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