Mbizo woman axed by husband over gossip on doing bachelors’ laundry

By Esther Moyo

A Mbizo woman was recently struck on the head with an axe after a jealousy neighbour who failed to secure a menial job from neighbouring bachelors concoted a lie and told the husband that his wife was having an affair with the bachelors.  

The matter recently came to light at the Kwekwe Magistrate Court that Panashe Tinago in anger axed his wife Leslie Chogwira (29) on the heard after he heard that his wife was cheating on him with bachelors in the neighbourhood.

 Tinago heard the issue from Shengeti Moyo (38) who had filed a report of assault by Tinago’s wife at the courts. The court heard that Moyo told Tinago that his wife was having extra marital affairs with, “some bachelors.”

The revelation angered Tinago who then struck his wife with an axe resulting in her being rushed to Kwekwe General Hospital where she received seven stiches.

 However, upon recovery Chogwira confronted Moyo over the gossip following a heated exchange of words Chogwira then assaulted Moyo. 
“I assaulted her because she had told my husband that I was cheating him with some bachelors whom we stay with.” she said.
Kwekwe Magistrate Florence Nago however upon seeing the gaping wound on Chogwira’s head exercised clemency and advised her not to put the law in her own hands, before pardoning her. 

The court heard that Moyo had cooked up the story because Chogwira had taken her piece job of washing for the bachelors.When the accused asked the complainant why she had lied Moyo started shouting at her and that is when the accused slapped her.

“I slapped her when she started shouting after i asked her why she lied,” she said.

The accused and her husband are currently on separation because the accused is afraid of him since he had promised her  to put her in a sack and strike her with an axe again. 

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