Henrietta Rushwaya’s world continues to crumble

Staff Reporter

The world of the Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) president Henrietta Rushwaya is continuing to crumble with the latest being her immidiate suspension from the helm of the ZMF presidency, paving way for her deputy Marufu Sithole to take over.

Earlier this week Rushwaya was nabbed at Harare International Airport when she was trying to smuggle 6kgs of gold to Dubai.

She is currently in police custody.

The federation management board made the decision today in Gweru replacing Rushwaya with Marufu Sithole on an acting basis at the same time suspending its secretary for external affairs Gift Karanda fingered in the same scandal.

Makumba Nyenje ZMF chairperson after strong deliberations as management committee they came up with the decision to suspend Rushwaya whilst the due legal process takes course.

“After strong deliberations on issues surrounding our ZMF president Rushwaya as well as secretary for external affairsGift Karanda we have realized that they are appearing before the courts on allegations of attempted smuggling of gold to other countries. This committee has focused on the action to take, attention is drawn to Section 12 subsection 10 sub sub section 1 of the ZMF constitution which talks about suspension or expulsion of any members who have committed a breach of the provision of the constitution,” he said.

Nyenje said according to the ZMF constitution if convicted one ceases to be a member of the executive.

“Since the case is before the courts and whilst we await the verdict of the court the committee is recommending that we suspend Rushwaya and Karanda until finalization of their matter of smuggling or expiry of their term of office on 14 June 2021 which ever comes first,” he said.

Rushwaya was arrested on Monday after a tip off that she was trying to smuggle gold worth US$333 000 to Dubai.

Her arrest has netted four other people including Karanda who is alleged to have impersonated being a Central Intelligence Officer. 

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