Madhuku reveals why MDC Alliance MPs are keen on by elections

By Staff Reporter 

National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader Lovemore Madhuku has made startling revelations on why MDC Alliance MPs are keen on the by elections despite the Covid-19 ban.

Speaking to his party supporters in Kwekwe recently Madhuku claimed the reason why recalled MDC Alliance legislators are keen on by elections is not informed by representing the electorate but on getting parliamentary perks.

“Those recalled MPs in the MDC Alliance are keen on having by elections despite the Covid-19 threat because they know that they will win the polls considering that mostly its their strong holds. However, the issue is not about representation but its about fattening their pockets and getting parliamentary perks,” Madhuku said.

The constitutional law expert said he was in support of by elections poll ban.

 “We have to be conginzant of the fact that these by elections were suspended because of Covid-19. However, another issue which must be noted is that we are already behind schedule, because we must vote within 90 days after the seat have been declared vacant.

 “When the first MP Charlton Hwende was recalled on 3 April though he was then officially recalled in May by July we should have filled Hwende’s post. But it was not to be the case because of Covid-19, so those 90 days elapsed within the Covid-19 lockdown,” Madhuku said. 

He added that it was not necessary for government to evoke any statutory instrument was not necessary.

 “The Statutory Instrument was not necessary from government. They should just have highlighted the issue of Covid-19. Covid-19 is real, some people are saying we have not experienced many deaths to Covid-19 and our cases are not on the increase, that is the more reason why we should be vigilant. The national elections are coming in 2023, we will not stop elections, with or without Covid-19. So we must not be in a hurry to have by elections,”he said. 

Madhuku said there is nothing in the constitution which bars a Zimbabwean to seek for representation from another MP when they do not have an MP. 

“Nothing stops a Zimbabwean who doesn’t have an MP in their constituency to approach another MP to take thier issues to Parliament. You are allowed yo write a letter to parliament. You can express yourself because that is your right,” he said.

 Kwekwe is one of the constituency set to have a by election following the death of area MP Masango Matambanadzo. 

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