Tsikamutanda catches Zhombe headman with python under mattress

By Eugen Gumede

Sosombi Village Headman Emmanual Nhuri was recently caught with a paython by a Tsikamutanda under his mattress.

Sources told the Midlands Observer that the tsikamutanda is currently in Zhombe area following the invitation of Chief Samambwa where he is conducting cleansing ceremonies before the falling of rains. 

Sources said thr headman initially denied being in possession of the giant snake after the tsikamutanda visited his homestead. 

“The Tsikamutanda found a python snake at our village head’s homestead on Friday, the snake was kept inside the mattress and fed with fresh meat of animals,” sources said.

The discovery was made after the tsikamutanda had perfomed some rituals at Nhuri’s homestead, before he was ordered to bring the mattress outside.

“It was after Nhuri had denied owning the snake that forced the Tsikamutanda to go inside the house by himself and his assistant to collect the mattress that had the snake inside,” sources coninued.

Following Tsikamutanda’s intervention villagers found the giant snake stashed inside Nhuri’s mattress. 

This forced a confession out of the village head. 

Nhuri was heard saying the snake helped him to harvest more. 

“This snake helped me in harvesting more than what i sow, this snake would go in everyone’s fields and bring me more produce, i managed to fill my bans to the top every year and people always thought i am a hard worker, yet i used my snaked to bring me more maize to my bans.”

Sources said Nhuri was forced to pay two cows to Tsikamutanda for the cleansing ceremony.

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