Security guard shoots at man who produced okapi knife to ‘revenge’ neices’ beating

By Melissa Chikumba

A security guard at Yellow Snake Mine in Kwekwe shot at a man who confronted him at his workplace with an okapi knife seeking ‘revenge’ for his niece who was allegedly beaten by the security guards over an undisclosed issue.

Langton Maisiri (34) stood before Kwekwe magistrate Samukeliso Gumbo facing charges of shooting David Chikenyere.

Maisiri denied the charges and insisted that it was self defence because the complainant attacked Maisiri and Nickson Tambudza who is also a security guard at Yellow Snake Mine.

It is alleged that on a day not known to the courts Chikenyere approached the two security guards on duty and disarmed Tambudza  before producing an okapi knife claiming he came to revenge the beating that his niece got.

“Your Honor I did not have any option but to shoot him because he approached us and claimed we beat his niece the previous day and he grabbed the gun from my workmate before he produced an okapi,” said Maisiri.

He added that upon discovering that his colleague was disarmed he shot a warning shot and fired another shot on his leg .

The complainant later ran away and was followed by the security guards who reported the matter and took him to the hospital.

The matter was reported to the police by Chikenyere  who claimed that the security did not fire warning shots and intended to cause harm.

The trial is continuing and was postponed to 27 October 2020 for further trial.

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