Zimdancehall chanter says will never use black magic to be rich

By Eugen Gumede

Zimdancehall chanter Charles Mpokosa popularly known as Stallion in the musical circles who is set to release a single track mid this month said he will never use black magic to be famous.

He has insisted said he is going to wait for his time to shine on the national scene.

To put emphasis on hard work earlier this year Stallion released a song Rombe risingarombe after realising the strugle and the set backs he went through in the music career but he still believe God will always open doors for him.

“I released a single called Rombe Risingarombe early this year i wrote this song because, people often criticise you  in everything you do and always give negative thoughts in your dreams but i say do not go for black magic.

“I  will never use black magic to get rich I will just wait for my time  because God gave me this talent so he will also give me the opportunity to shine as well,” he said.

The track Mukana according to Stallion is a rallying call for people to be patient in life as everything in life have its own season.

He added that the song is also targeting struggling upcoming Zimdancehall artists as they need to be patient.

He worked with DJ Oskid on the project.

“After so many years of singing zimdancehall music my dream was to meet big DJs like Oskid so my music would attract Zimbabwe at large and now i got the chance, so as an upcoming artist i say wait for your rightful time dont  ever give up,” he told Observer Style.

Stallion released his debut album in 2016 called kuponda nhamo which received a fair share of airplay.

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