I cannot live with a psycho my Lord,” man says of violent wife

By Tafadzwa Phiri

A Kwekwe man who is living in fear of his wife has said he is fed up of his wife’s violent attitude, who not only assualt him at his workplace but also always threatens him with a knife.

Johnson Mudzingwa told Kwekwe Magistrate Shingirirai Tembo that he wanted a peace order against his wife Virginia Chikaura who even assaults him at his workplace.

“Your worship my wife always causes violence whenever we have a silly argument.She is very aggressive towards me.She uses abusive and vulgar language when talking to me.l want this court to grant me a protection order against my wife,” Mudzingwa said.

He added that he was now living in fear of his wife who sometimes threatens him with a knife.

“Your worship am no longer safe.This woman used to throw broken bottles and threaten me with a knive following a silly misunderstanding which took place at our matrimonial home. Right now we are  living separately.l cannot live with a psycho my Lord,” he said.

He went on further to highlight that his wife once came to his workplace and dressed him down.

“Your Worship this woman once came to my work place and started shouting and threatening me that she was going to deal with me back home. l was so embarrassed my Lord. If it wasn’t for the security which demanded her to move away from the premises ,it could have been another story because this woman  is so violent. She must stop visiting me at work. Right now we a living separately because I am no longer safe,” he pleaded.

Chikaura in response said she was infuriated by how her husband was bringing condoms to their house.

“Your worship  Am truly sorry for my actions, but my husband here is not loyal. He must stop bringing condoms in my house. He has no respect towards me,” she said.

Tembo in judgement told Chikaura that the court did not condone domestic violence.

“Protection  order is here granted to the applicant Jonhson Mudzingwa since he has clearly shown that his wife Virginia Chikaura is disturbing his peace. Do not visit him at his working place. Stop insulting or harrasing him. This protection order is going to be active for the next five years,” Tembo said.

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