Demotivated teachers declare mental resignation ahead of schools reopening… teachers earning USD $35

By News Editor 

Demotivated teachers who have declared incapacitation ahead of the schools reopening on Monday have declared mental resignation.

 In a statement Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) president Takavafira Zhou said teachers whose salary is equivalent to USD$35 are now fed up. 

“We are sick and tired of the so few attacking many teachers for doing so much with so little. Never in history will teachers offer their services to other people’s children when their own children cannot access such services,” Zhou said. 

He added that teachers have been reduced to paupers by the government.

 “Teachers are everything yet they count for nothing in Zimbabwe. That 100% of teachers have mentally resigned although they physically remain as teachers calls for concern by government. 

“Worse still, starvation wages have never motivated teachers anywhere and how Zimbabwean government hopes Zimbabwean teachers are different baffles logic and common sense,” he said.

He reiterated that come Monday teachers are not prepared for duty. 

“This time teachers are tired of standing on the touchline to watch a game they should be playing. Our actions will speak louder than words because our professional advice has been ignored, our patience overstretched and our lives thrown to dogs with the consequent quantum leap of misery and penury. We have nothing to fear except fear itself and poverty. We have triumphed over our fear because of poverty and are ready to send poverty machinery clanking into gear on Monday,” he said. 

Teachers, Zhou said are demanding for USD allowances.

 “Our message is clear, restoration of our purchasing power parity pegged at US$520-US$550, sector specific allowances, prioritisation of our health and safety and that of our students.”

“Nothing for us without us and anything for us without us is against us. Vigilance demands that we must always be resilient every time. Its game on come Monday. Let our instruments of fair labour combat be sent clanking into gear and send an undiluted message to government that teachers are incapacitated, hungry and angry,” he said. 

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