Impala possession lands man in trouble

By Melissa Chikumba

A Kwekwe man landed himself in trouble after he was found in illegal possession of an impala.

Emmanuel Choga (30) stood before Kwekwe magistrate Samukeliso Gumbo where he was charged for possessing an Impala.

It is alleged that on 26 September Choga was found in possession of a near dead Impala which the court alleges he wanted to use for his own personal gain.

Choga denied the allegations and claimed that  he found the Impala lying half dead and took it to his boss so that he could decide what to do with the Impala.

“Your Honor l found the Impala lying half dead on the ground and I called someone whom l don’t know his name to help me carry it to my boss so that we would decide what to do with it,”said Choga.

An anonymous call tipped the police which led to the arrest of the accused.

The matter was postponed to 28 September 2020 for the trial.

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