Goldridge College student pens book for absent father

By Sheron Tazvivinga

A 13 year old Goldridge College student has penned a masterpiece for her absent father.

Hazel Kachikwa’s short novel ” Dear Absent Father” which was published by Ahava Publishing House in Gaborone,Botswana, is a reflection of her life.

The emotive peace explores how the teenager has been coping up with some of her life’s events in the absence of her father.

In the opening statements of the first chapter, Kachikwa beamoans the absence of her father.

“I have a deep hole in my heart created by your absence in my life.i feel soo sad , lonely and heartbroken.” reads the first sentence.

Born in a family of two, Kachikwa spent most of her childhood with her mother while her dad has been away working in Botswana.

In an interview with this publication, the 13 year old said that she wrote the book as a way to communicate her feelings with her father.

” In the book  I’m expressing the pain ,the loneliness I felt as a result of my father’s absence,” she said.

Her greatest inspiration,she said, was her father despite his absence in their lives.

” My dad is my greatest inspiration. He has taught me to love and not give up even when the going is tough,” she said.

Kachikwa is also a chess whizkid at Goldridge college.

She has won more than 10 medals.

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