Rugare Old Peoples Home face tough times

Inmates at Rugare Old Peoples Home in Amaveni are facing tough times and are appealing for food assistance, writes Midlands Observer’s Melissa Chikumba.

The facility, which is home to old people is currently faced with a myriad of challenges-a situation which has been exacerbated by the Covid 19 pandemic.

“There are a few visits now since the pandemic started thus also lowering our chances of getting donations from the community especially food since we depend on donations for our survival,” one of the caretakers said in an interview.

Challenges are ranging from food shortages, medical challenges and clothing amongst others.

“We sometimes go for weeks without eating a piece of meat but we believe it is better than the issue of medical supplies where we don’t even have transport to ferry the sick ones to the hospital.

“At one point we failed to find transport to ferry one patient to the hospital because there is no ambulance here in Amaveni and it was difficult to find medical supplies,” the caretaker added.

The caretaker has however, extended gratitude to one of the pharmacists in town who at times assists with medication.

“We would like to appreciate the efforts of one of the businessman who preferred not to be named who gives us some pills and tablets for free,” the caretaker said.

The caretaker have however, made an appeal for the community to extend a helping hand and assist the facility.

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