Covid-19 outbreak in Kwekwe resettlement farms send community on edge

By Staff Reporter

 Farmers in resettlement areas around Kwekwe are on the edge after a farmer and his family have contracted the deadly Covid-19 virus. 

Zibagwe Rural District Councillor Shindi raised the alarm that measures must be put in place immediately as there is no proper monitoring of the family which is said to be in isolation. 

“There is an outbreak of Covid 19 virus at EMS Enterprise farm situated opposite Longhood farm 20 km away from Torwood. 

“The farm owner Mr Guyfield Mpehla and his 3 children and the farm manager Cliff Zhanda were tested positive and are on isolation at the farm,” Shindi said. 

He explained that he has since visited  the area with the rapid reaction group of Kwekwe district.

 “The reaction team discovered that the infected patients were being attended by a team from Gweru while there is no record of their tests and treatment in kwekwe. “It was also noted that a private doctor is paying some private visits at the farm, Mr Guyfield Mpehla claims that he is now feeling better but said his manager Cliiff Zhanda is still weak,” he said. 

The reaction by Kwekwe Taskforce followed by the farming community. “The mission follows an out cry by the neighbouring community claiming that their isolation is not being monitored and there could be a rapid outbreak of the virus through contacts because some of the workers are living out members staying in Longhood, Swartlarge, Lannes, Lannes extension and other surrounding farms,” he said. 

Shindi further explained that Mpehla’s  house maid and seven other young men frequently go for work from their homes in Longhood farm which is the closest neighbouring farm opposite EMS Enterprise. 

“There is fear and suspicion that amongst the 32 workers of Mr Mpehla, otherwise the majority of them might be infected because of random movements and failure to observe  the isolation rules properly.

 ” If the rapid reaction group fails to take immediate action, on either to transfer Mpehla’s family to a quarantine camp and also immediately test all the neighbouring communities;  ,otherwise there is going to be a disaster of this pandemic virus in ward 3,” Councillor Shindi said.

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