Warthog killers fined

By Melissa Chikumba

The love of meat landed two men from Congela Resettlement area in hot soup after they were arraigned before the courts for killing a warthog.

The two, Brighton Siziba (26) and Aaron Mundoza (20) were last week fined $300 or spend two months in prison by Kwekwe magistrate Florence Nago.

The duo on 16 January 2020 went hunting with their dogs which found the warthog and attacked it which led to its death in Congela Resettlement area in Kwekwe.

The two went on to take the carcass of the warthog and kept the meat for their own consumption and failed to report the matter to the police.

Siziba in his defense claimed a grade seven school dropout and did not know that it was a crime.

The two pleaded guilty.

They said their dogs attacked the warthog whilst they were on their way to the garden and took the carcass home for consumption.

Police were tipped off and the carcass was found in their homes which led to their arrest.

The warthog was worth $500 so they were asked to pay a fine of $300 each failure of which spend two months in prison.

In passing sentence magistrate Nago said cases of wildlife poaching were on the high and a detterent sentence was needed to cut down on the killings.

“Numbers of animal killing are increasing especially in resettlement areas,” said magistrate Nago.

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