Bring serious investors to Zisco

By Rumbidzayi Parira

Redcliff Mayor Clayton Masiyatsva has pleaded with government to bring serious investors to ZISCO.

Speaking during the Joint Thematic Committees on Human Rights, Gender and Development at Torwood Hall recently Masiyatsva said government must bring serious investors to the moribund integrated steelworks.

“Please take it up to the top that government should bring serious investors to ZISCO,” said Masiyatsva.

The revival of Ziscosteel Masiyatsva said will see the creation of employment in Redcliff which has now turned into a ghost town.

The city father said the downstream positive effects will see residents being able to settle their bills at the council.

He added that the community celebrated the commissioning of ZimCoke were council was expected to receive a $5 million windfall.

Authiorities at Redcliff Municipality said the money was then going to be used to settle Kwekwe City’s outstanding water debts.

However, despite being commissioned two years ago production is yet to commence at ZimCoke.

“We are asking for serious investors so that local residents can get employment and be able to pay their water bills. We had rejoiced over the coming of Zim Coke and that council would receive $5 million dollars to pay for Redcliff’s water debt to Kwekwe city council but up to now nothing has happened,” said Masiyatsva.

Meanwhile, speaking on the same platform Redcliff Deputy Mayor Munyaradzi Masiiwa said there is  potential for Redcliff to attract investors on its own but water problems are  shying them away as they first consider the availability of water.

“There is a possibility for Redcliff to attract investors on its own. Investors want to come but if we have continuous water problems, we might continue having problems with attracting investors,” said Masiiwa.

This comes after Redcliff council has been facing major challenges as a result of the closure of Zisco Steal which was its major source of income.

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