Artisanal miner strike mate for bringing bad luck to mining site

Tinaani Nyabereka

Mberengwa– A (19) year old artisanal miner from Mberengwa man was arraigned before Gweru Magistrate Phathekile Msipa for striking a fellow miner with a machete for bringing bad luck to the mining site.

Joseph Ndarabe of Vanguard Compound who pleaded not guilty to the case was charged with attempted murder

According to state papers as presented by State Council Talent Tadenyika on August 24 last year around 1200hrs midnight at Vanguard compound in Mberengwa Ndabare and his friend Casipa Kasimure entered into Philemon Mtetwa’s room and confronted him over the bad luck issue.

Ndabare allegedly woke up Mtetwa who was asleep with other fellow miners in the room and started accusing him of bringing bad luck to the panning site which had  made  him (Ndabare)fail get the precious stone that day.

Ndabare who was armed with a machete went on to assault Mtetwa twice with a machete.

The complainant was later rescued by other fellow miners who intervened stopping the accused from the act.

Mtetwa got fractured on the right arm as he sustained a deep cut in the head and arm.

The matter was reported to the police leading to the arrest of the accused.

Ndabare was remanded in custody for further trial on a date to be given.

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