Four months jail term for battery stealing teen

By Sibusisiwe Ngulube

An Mbizo teen who pleaded guilty to theft of a commuter omnibus battery was slapped with a four months jail term.

Brandon Marowa (18) appeared before magistrate Vimbai Mtukwa charged with theft, which took place in Mbizo Section 10 on the 23rd of March this year around 2330 hours.

He pleaded guilty before the court. According to state papers Marowa was caught red handed in the act by  Thembani Muregei who owns the kombi.

Complainant effected a citizens arrest and took Marowa to Mbizo Police Station the very same night the incident happened. The state posits that Murowa unlawfully entered at Muregei home without permission from the owner of the house, he took a car battery of 230 volts.

The complainant overhead some unusual noises from the garage and woke up to check  where the sound was coming from. When he approached the garage he discovered that the car bonnet was wide open after he had left it closed. He checked the entire garage and inside the car, thats when he found Marowa hiding behind the driver’s seat.

“I climbed the gate and made my way into the kombi because l wanted to sleep. He further changed his defence and told the court that he ended up in Muregei’s yard because he had mistaken it with his neighbor’s yard where he had stayed sometime.

The court was lenient with Murowa as it was his first offense and had not wasted the courts time by denying a crime he committed. Murowa was charged for criminal trespassing and was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment.

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