Macheso dates Gulez

By Mike Chakwana

Zimbabwe Sungura King Aleck Macheso affectionately known as Baba Shero is set to unpack his music skills in the city of Kwekwe on the 22th of March 2O19 at Gulez Gardens.

The hit maker of the song “Madhuve Wangu “is going to show his ingenious stage performance in Kwekwe as he set to blaze the city of gold.

The Kwekwe Promoter known as Abel Chakazama a.k.a Yellow Malewa said that the people of Kwekwe are starving for entertainment believes  the sungura guru will set the town on fire.

“I believe that the people of Kwekwe are starving for entertainment since the festive season, that’s why we have invited Baba Shero, we trust him and we know that he has a lot of fans in Kwekwe therefore come prepared to have lots of fun, get value for your money at Gulez Gardens with ice cold beer, “he said.

Chakazama said that Macheso is the greatest sungura musicians in Zimbabwe and the Kwekwe fans are crying for the artist to blaze them with his sungura genre.

“Macheso takes time when his on stage entertaining his fans which is different from the zimdancehall artist who uses time during their performance and their stage price will be demanding,” said Chakazama.

“Zimbabwean artist must be loyal to their promoters and fans since they are the one who make musicians to earn money,” he said.

“Macheso is more focused to his fans and he gives a good performance when it comes to stage performance and he also gives fans quality entertainment,” said Chakazama.

He further explained that other supporting artist are yet to be confirmed because they have to plan big for this biggest event to make the fans happy.

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