Council considers tariff hike

By William Milasi

Kwekwe City Council is considering producing a supplementary budget and a tariff increase of its $26, 9 million budget which was submitted to the Local Government Ministry.

As the counrty’s economy continues to tank which has seen a subsequent increase of basic commodities the council has said the yet to be produced budget has been devalued making the city selling its water at a loss.

Addressing a full council meeting last week Kwekwe City Finance Director Rejoice Maweni said the councils is considering producing a supplementary budget.

According to the new tariff schedule, Kwekwe city is proposing to increase refuse collection charges from the current $2 to $3 for those in the high density suburbs, while those in the low density suburb are expected to part with $5 up from the initial $2.

Furthermore, the council has been proposing an over 400% increase for the same charges to industries from the current $20 for weekly collections to $45 and $60 for daily collections.

Maweni said though the proposed budget is yet to be approved the new tariff charge sheet which they proposed to the parent ministry is already inadequate.

“We are producing water at a loss. We are even failing to procure water treatment chemicals. Looking at the scenario what this simply means is that we will have to produce a supplementary budget,” Maweni said.

Kwekwe city also supplies nearby Redcliff municipality.

Redcliff is owes Kwekwe 43 million in arrears.

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