New technological hub for Kwekwe

A new technological movement The Hub is set to change the face of Kwekwe in line with telecommunications as it is set to expand it’s local hotspots in town.

With already more than hundreds of people being served with the first phase of the pilot program started in  October 2018 more households are set to benefit across Mbizo and Kwekwe at large.

In an interview with The Midlands Observer The Hub cofounder Cardinal Makava was delighted with the success of the first phase in the pilot program as they installed local hotspots in high density areas.

“The Hub local Wi-Fi hotspots will be one of their kind in Zimbabwe and across the globe as it  targets those marginalized technologically,” he said.

Makava also added that the first phase of the pilot project was a success with residents in Mbizo 12 and 14 already receiving the services.

“The hub local hotspots in Mbizo are serving more than 250 households and our main thrust is to expand the initiative across the board into other areas,” said Makava.

The Hub cofounder indicated that there are still to engage with the Kwekwe District Schools Inspector in respect of providing free Wi-Fi services to schools in and around Kwekwe in a bid to promote e-learning.

“E-learning education has been lagging behind in many parts of the country but we want to give back to the community especially schools to have free access to internet feeds so as to widen their sources in line with education materials,” he said.

The brains behind the local Wi-Fi hotspots indicated that there is also a game changing application to be launched.

“We will be launching a game changing application soon which will be providing live feeds of news, local spots of interests in town and most of all socializing in a single package,” he said.

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